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Wikipublisher: Images

Wikipublisher automatically converts and resizes images to fit the page.

1.  Image alt text becomes a caption

Each printed image has 2 captions — one underneath (or to the side) and one used in a List of Figures. If a figure has alt text and no caption text, or caption text and no alt text, the same caption is used for both. If a figure has alt text and caption text, the alt text is used in the list of figures.

It is good practice always to give an image suitable alt text. If an image has neither alt text nor caption text, it just gets a figure number.

2.  Captions print underneath or to one side

By default, an image gets a caption with the figure number, below the image. If the image is floated left or right, the image prints on the inside page margin — for duplex printing, the caption is to the right on odd numbered pages and to the left on even numbered pages.

3.  Images float to the next available space

If the figure (including its caption) does not fit at the current text position, it automatically floats to the top of the next page. The following text flows back to fill the space created. Figures never break across page boundaries or leave white space behind them.

Figures normally print at their actual size; oversized images are shrunk to fit the page dimensions. Currently, image size attributes are not supported.

4.  A following paragraph may optionally float

If the paragraph following an image contains a break [[<<]], the text up to the break floats along with the image and prints underneath the caption. Currently, this only works for paragraphs, not other kinds of block markup.

5.  Substitute high resolution images

Web images are often low resolution, to keep the page size small. These look fine on a low resolution screen but can look blurred in print. Most printers are an order of magnitude higher resolution that most screens. If Wikipublisher detects a link where both the display and target objects are images, it can substitute the target object in the printed output. By default:

6.  FIG markup creates figure cross-references

To create a cross-reference from the text to a figure, add %id=reference% to the figure and use the FIG(reference) markup. Wikipublisher uses the image alt text as the cross-reference text. In the PDF, the cross-reference includes the figure number. Because images can float to another page, it is good practice to use cross-references when referring to a figure in the body text.

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