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These instructions apply to a clean PmWiki install.

  1. Download and decompress the library from Cookbook:PublishPDF
  2. Move the cookbook/wikipublisher/ directory into cookbook/
  3. Move the skin directories in pub/skins/ into pub/skins/
  4. Move the image files in pub/images/ into pub/images/
  5. Move the css files in pub/css/ into pub/css/
  6. Add the following line at the start of local/config.php


    If using scripts/urlapprove.php, include this before the Wikipublisher extensions

  7. Modify your skin to use the required format for search boxes

    Or, use the default latexpmwiki (left sidebar) or latexpmwikir (right sidebar) skins provided

    To use your own skin, be sure to set $Skin after loading wikipublisher.

  8. Register your site at

    The site must be visible to the world. If your site is behind a firewall, you will need to Install the Server locally.

  9. Read the User Guide and Issues
  10. Test that everything is working:
    • typeset a single page
    • add (:typeset:) to a wiki trail page
    • do a search and publish
    • do a backlinks search
    • do a categories search

Any problems? See PDF Errors.

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