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Wikipublisher: Markup Extensions

An administrator can turn extensions on and off

Wikipublisher works best when all Markup Extensions are turned on. This is the installation default. However, all extensions are optional, controlled through the $MarkupExtensionsFmt array. This is set to:

  array("inote abbr `A `. `- `s `: `f -d ... aquo mac '/ '@ '; [^",
  "q&a A; {|} =| {= revisions ^!! fig :: para lazyweb spaced squo links"));

To enable a selected subset of these markups, copy the above 3 lines into local/config.php before including the Wikipublisher library and remove the markups you don’t want.

To disable just a few markups, add one or more lines like the following before including the library:

   $MarkupExtensions['extension'] = false;

For example, $MarkupExtensions['q&a'] = false; will disable the variant of Q: and A: markup, restoring PmWiki’s default behaviour.

Available extensions

All extensions “do the right thing” when a page is composed for printing; most of them significantly improve the quality of printed pages.

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  1.   1.  Character markups
  2.   2.  Inline markups
  3.   3.  Block markups
  4.   4.  Link markups

1.  Character markups

These extensions, character extensions, provide additional special characters.

List of character extensions
`.`.invisible stop; removed on output, tells markup such as para to stop reading
`-`-backtick-hyphen makes an en dash – (meaning “to” as in A–B)
`s` backtick-space makes a non-breaking space
`:`:backtick-colon makes a mid-dot ·
`f`1/4 `1/2 `3/4makes a fraction ¼ ½ ¾
-d-- d-d +- -dem dash —, digit en dash digit, plus or minus ± and minus digit
......ellipsis …
aquo<- -> <<...>> <...| |...>left and right arrows ← →; angle quotes « … » ‹ … | and | … ›
mac{vowel}macronised vowels Ā, ā, Ē, ē, etc
copy(tm) (r) (c)™ ® © symbols
squon/aautomatic smart quotes — highly recommended for pdf

2.  Inline markups

These extensions, inline extensions, provide additional text markups.

List of inline extensions
'/'/text/'<cite>text</cite> (often rendered in italics)
'@'@text@'<kbd>text</kbd> (often rendered in monospace)
';';text;'small caps text (if the browser supports this font variant)
[^[^footnote text^] and [^#^]swallow footnote text and list the footnotes, with links both ways
{|}{abbr|abbreviation} and {:term:definition}<abbr title=‘…’> and <dfn title=‘…’> tags (with print equivalents)
{={=sticky note|colour=}a sticky note, colour (optional) is yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, grey
revisions(:revisions:)toggle between show and hide revision markups insert and

3.  Block markups

These extensions, paragraph extensions, provide additional paragraph markups.

List of paragraph extensions
q&aQ: and A:render Q: and A: markups with drop-caps
A;D;rop caps; markupDrop cap followed by small caps (looks stunning in pdf)
=|=<text, =|text and =>textleft, centred and right aligned text (left and right aligned omitted in print)
^!!!run-in head! textrun-in headings (if the browser supports this — looks stunning in pdf)
fig=figure image captiondisplay an image and its caption (deprecated: superseded by image | caption)
:::term:definition:+ more definitionmultiple <dd> tags per <dt> tag (also tidy :: used for indenting) and * item:+more text for paragraphs in lists

4.  Link markups

These extensions, link extensions, provide additional link markups.

List of link extensions
inote(:inote PageName:)inserts the contents of PageName formatted as a sticky note
abbrn/aprevents wikiwords with only one lower case letter, like PhD or CIOs
`AWiki`Wordanother way to prevent wikiwords, like PhD
paraT[*#:] Name#id and (:para Name#id action:)teaser markup and paragraph include markup (action = more, edit) web links — omit the http://
refTAB(id), FIG(id) and DIV(id)cross-reference links to id attributes of tables, figures and divisions
spacedn/atidy wikiword spacing and display wikiwords like TheReturnOfTheKing as The Return of the King
linksn/aautomatic tool tips on wiki links, if the page starts with a heading or definition; also disables links to the page you’re on, and highlights them

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