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Wikipublisher: PDF Errors

The Wikipublisher engine has been tested using a wide range of source pages. However, you may occasionally encounter problems. These fall into 3 broad classes — unexpected features, cosmetic errors and fatal errors. If you encounter an error, please contact us.

Check that Wikipublisher is set up correctly.

Unexpected features

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Sometimes, the typesetting engine doesn’t do what the reader or author expects. For example:

For this class of error, one person’s feature is another person’s bug. We welcome constructive feedback.

Cosmetic errors

The server returns a pdf, but it contains unexpected or undesirable presentation results. There are some known bugs or limitations; check the Issues list. If the site administrator has created local markup customisations, these may not be recognised. Wikipublisher transforms wiki markup to print xml — any residual html tags, such as those a third party recipe may produce, are removed automatically, leaving plain text. In many cases, an author can “write around” a cosmetic error.

Fatal errors

The server does not return a pdf. Web browsers are fairly forgiving of html pages that are badly formed or invalid. A browser will usually display something, no matter how bad the html. However, the xslt processor which transforms the print xml to typesetting instructions requires well formed xml (correct nesting, correct opening and closing tags) to work correctly. It forgives some types of invalid xml (the output doesn’t conform to the Wikibook DTD), but not others. We give fatal errors the highest priority.

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