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About the project:
Accented Characters:

This page demonstrates the ability of Wikipublisher to handle the Unicode representations of common European accented characters. The corresponding hexadecimal code is shown after each character.

Aligned Equations:

The LATEX Equations page illustrates inline mathematics and simple equations. This page illustrates how to group and align several equations. It uses the existing {$ ... $} equation markup.

Basic Features:

Wikipublisher composes pages by re-interpreting wiki markup for print in place of the web…

Book Indexes:

Wikipublisher will turn Categories markup into book index entries, using only existing wiki markup. This table shows how it could work, where nn is the page number.


Wikipublisher includes a wikilib.d/ directory containing Site templates for all the forms used to control the way pages are composed for print. These are installed automatically and do not affect either the wiki.d/ or PmWiki wikilib.d/ directories. The form templates define layout metadata used by the typesetting engine. They are used to:


If you have a question about Wikipublisher, you can send a message to the developers by filling in the form below. You can also join the Discussion Group.


The Wikipublisher library supports all standard PmWiki markup, plus a number of markup extensions. Many site administrators will have taken advantage of the flexibility PmWiki offers and created local extensions to the standard markup. In most cases, such extensions will be ignored when typesetting a page, unless the extension author provides a wikibook-compliant alternate markup rule.

Discussion Group:

A discussion group is available at


Wikipublisher offers authors and administrators a range of features for controlling content and appearance of printed output. For additional examples, see Tip of the Week.


This page acts as the source of glossary definitions for the Wikipublisher group. The page source shows how the markup is used.

Glossary Markup:

We can illustrate use of glossary markup with extracts from Old New Zealand: being Incidents of Native Customs and Character in the Old Times by Frederick Edward Maning. Definitions are set out on a Glossary page and are sorted automatically.

Home Page:

Wikipublisher is a Typesetting Engine that re-purposes Web content for print, with 2 mouse-clicks. It provides a Web-based Book Production platform.


Wikipublisher automatically converts and resizes images to fit the page.


These instructions apply to a clean PmWiki install.

Install the Server:

This page assumes a knowledge of the Unix command line and some experience with administering your Unix or Linux server. Please consult your server’s system administrator for advice and support. She or he will greatly prefer that you consult them before attempting to install any software.

Install the Server-OS X:

The following instructions worked for Mac OS X 10.5.2 and above, client version. It should ensure all the requirements for running the Wikibook Server are satisfied.

Installation Experiences:

Installations with the previous release, 0.9.3f, are affected by the following problem:

LaTeX Equations:

This wiki includes the LatexRender (supersedes mimeTeX) plug-in for equation support using LATEX markup. Cookbook.Activate Latexrender describes how to install and test the recipe. Some examples follow and see also Aligned Equations.


Wikipublisher reformats all links in a style appropriate for print.

Markup Extensions:

An administrator can turn extensions on and off


The Wikipublisher library processes all the markup present in PmWiki version 2.1.x. It replaces all structural markup — such as lists, links and headings — with print equivalents. It also replaces most, but not all, style markup — such as colours and backgrounds — with print equivalents. See Wiki Styles for more information.

Notes Christian:

Notes from Christian about installing Wikipublisher and its server.


Wikipublisher automatically inserts some standard pages in all outputs, giving a way to include controlled text, such as legal notices, at the start and end of all printed documents produced. The pages are:

PDF Errors:

The Wikipublisher engine has been tested using a wide range of source pages. However, you may occasionally encounter problems. These fall into 3 broad classes — unexpected features, cosmetic errors and fatal errors. If you encounter an error, please contact us.


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The Magpies

Program Listings:

This is a sample php program, to demonstrate program listing capability.

Publish a Form List:

The wikiforms recipe included with the Wikipublisher library adds (:wikiform:) and (:wikilist:) markup directives. The wikiform directive builds a page creation form using a FormTemplate; the wikilist directive generates a list of pages meeting the fieldname=fieldvalue selection criterion set out in the directive, such as a list of active issues. An information seeker can compose a typeset version of the pages listed.

Publish a Search:

All the search features are optional; some may not be available on a given wiki. If in doubt, consult your wiki administrator. On screen, the lists of links on this page are each presented as a “select and typeset” form; in print, they are presented as lists of links.

Publish a Trail:

The following options are available for typesetting the pages on a trail.

Publish Linked Pages:

The links-related actions are optional capabilities.

Publishing Directives:

List of publishing directives and their functions


The Wikipublisher script library embodies a number of related recipes from the PmWiki Cookbook, plus various PmWiki.Skins. Taken together, they turn a PmWiki site into a rich print-on-demand publishing environment. This page describes what they do and which ones can be turned off.


The Wikipublisher pdf2you server, which composes xml output into pdf, only accepts composition requests from registered sites. This works the same way as PmWiki.Url Approvals: if the requesting site is on the list of registered addresses, its requests get processed. To register a new wikipublisher user site:


The wikipublisher skin template uses a css-based text logo rather than an image to designate the site’s home page. If an administrator has a statement in the local/config.php file to point to an image logo while using the wikipublisher skin, a browser will display the address of the image, rather than the image itself. By default, wikipublisher sets:

Structure and Style:

The typesetting engine, LATEX, is structure-oriented — that is, an author focuses on content and meaning, not presentation. When composing print output, the engine applies presentation rules derived from the document’s structure. This separation of content from presentation means printed pages are set out in a consistent manner, no matter how many different authors are involved.

Support Wikipublisher:

Those who wish to can support the Wikipublisher project in several ways.


Wikipublisher automatically formats tables to fit the page.

Te Reo Māori:

Aspire to speak Māori at all times everywhere to other speakers of Māori.


These are some of the things people are saying about Wikipublisher:


Headings structure documents

The Network is the Culture:

Good afternoon. My name is John Rankin.

Typesetting Conventions:

When converting web pages to print, the typesetting engine automatically applies standard conventions for printed material. For a given input, it optimises the quality of the printed output and applies the rules of typesetting consistently to every page. This means authors can focus on content, rather than presentation. It also means authors do not need to be typesetting experts to produce professional-looking printed documents from their web page collections. The following are among the more common conventions followed:

Typesetting Engine:

The audience for this page is new Wikipublisher users. To turn Web pages into print documents, we have to do several things:

Typographic Quotes:

Wikipublisher supports various styles of typographic quotes — that is, interpretation of the double (outer) and single (inner) straight quotation marks " and '. The variable GB controls how outer and inner quotation marks will be interpreted. The default value is “GB” and produces the British style. This table illustrates the supported styles.

Upgrading to PmWiki 2.2:

This page provides instructions for upgrading from PmWiki 2.1.27 and Wikipublisher 2.1.10 or below to PmWiki 2.2.x and Wikipublisher 2.1.11 or 2.2.x. There is also a special note for those running the Wikibook server software. The instructions assume you are running PmWiki 2.1.27 and refer to Wikipublisher version 2.1.11 or 2.2.x, which work with PmWiki 2.1.27 and 2.2beta65 or above.

User Guide:

The following pages describe various aspects of using, administering and troubleshooting a Wikipublisher installation.

Welcome Letter:

Wikipublisher Visitors

White Papers:

The following White Papers explore various aspects of single-source publishing:

Why LaTeX:

As the this figure shows, the same wiki source produces Web and print output. The Wikipublisher typesetting engine uses the LATEX page composition system as an intermediate format. This has a number of advantages.

Why PDF:

Sites using PDF documents exempt from compliance with accessibility guidelines

Why We Need Wikipublisher:

The value proposition of the Wikipublisher open source project is print still matters. The presentation needs of online and printed information are different.

Wiki Publisher:

(:redirect Wikipublisher.HomePage :)

Wiki Styles:

The PmWiki.Wiki Styles introduction states:

Wiki Sym:


Wikibook DTD:

The Wikipublisher library instructs PmWiki to generate xml output to a print-oriented DTD. This appeared to be a more straightforward route than directly converting the xhtml for several reasons:

Wikibook Server Older Versions:

The current version is available at Install the Server.

Wikipublisher is Unique:

Wikipublisher brings typographic style to Web pages.

Wikipublisher Technologies:

Wikipublisher works by creating an intermediate output in XML that conforms to the Wikibook DTD, which is then typeset into a form suitable for printing. The project integrates components from a number of other open source projects; in particular:

Write a Letter:

New markup rules for letters

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