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The following options are available for typesetting the pages on a trail.

1.  The “typeset” directive

An author can turn any wiki trail page into the table of contents for a page collection by adding a typeset directive to the trail page:

 (:typeset options :)

This adds a Typeset button to the trail page which, when pressed, assembles the pages on the trail into a single document, typeset for printing. The options let the author over-ride the default document composition settings, using keyword=value pairs. The typesetting options lists available options.

Available typesetting options
surtitletextappears on cover
titletextappears on cover and in header
subtitletextappears on cover and in footer
coverleft center rightalignment of cover text
coverstylesans seriffont style for cover headings
watermarktextappears on every page
duplexon offformat pages to print 2 sided
justificationon offtext justified or ragged
parasepindent spaceparagraph separator is indent or space
sectionnewpageon offmajor section starts a new page
autonumber0 1 2 3depth of numbered page headings
headingstylesans seriffont style for heading text
bodystylesans seriffont style for body text
fontsetvarioussans and serif font combinations
tableliston offgenerate a list of tables
figureliston offgenerate a list of figures
pagesizeA4 A5 USdetermine the output page size
cacheon offcache a copy of the generated pdf (future)
draftonwatermark=draft cache=off subtitle=‘draft version’

Wikipublisher favours writers over readers. If an author sets any typesetting options, when a reader presses the PDF options button the author-defined settings are preserved and may not be changed. The Site.Wikipublisher Options page contains explanatory text displayed when a (:typeset:) directive includes any of the above options.

The (:typeset-book options :) directive produces a book-style output, with each major section tagged as a chapter. Each chapter may start with an aphorism. If a chapter name starts with Appendix, it and subsequent major sections are treated as appendices.

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2.  The “pubtrail” action

An author can let readers choose which of the trail pages to include in the typeset document by using the pubtrail page action:



This turns the trail into a form, with a check box against each page on the trail. A reader checks pages of interest, then presses the Typeset button.

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3.  The “traillinks” directive

An author can also create a formatted list of the stops on a trail by using the traillinks directive, such as for display in a sidebar page. This directive omits the publishing features:

(:traillinks UserGuide:)

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