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The Wikipublisher script library embodies a number of related recipes from the PmWiki Cookbook, plus various PmWiki.Skins. Taken together, they turn a PmWiki site into a rich print-on-demand publishing environment. This page describes what they do and which ones can be turned off.

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  1.   1.  Recipes
  2.   2.  Skins
  3.   3.  Dependencies

1.  Recipes

Translates wiki markup into wikibook xml. This group of scripts, held in the latex/ directory, completely replaces stdmarkup.php and wikistyles.php. It also provides wikibook equivalents for the markup extensions described below.
If wikipublisher encounters an error, it generates a form with error details that is emailed to the designated support address. It is an extension of the Cookbook:MailForm recipe.
Required; loads only when an error occurs.
Extends standard PmWiki markup to encompass a variety of additional structures, such as smart quotes, footnotes, and drop capitals. Each markup extension can be individually turned on or off.
Automatically generates a table of contents for a wiki page. This web navigation aid turns into a table of contents in print and is omitted in published page collections. The pages in the User Guide make extensive use of toc directives.
Optional; to disable, set $MarkupEnabled[‘pagetoc’] = 0;
Handles the interface between the wiki and the pdf2you typesetting server. Puts the pdf icon on every page.
Adds action=rename to rename any wiki page. To handle rename across groups, it generates a list of all the links on a page. As a by-product, it allows us to typeset a page and all (or a selection of) the pages it links to.
Optional; to disable, set $MarkupEnabled[‘rename’] = 0;
Adds support for typesetting selected pages found by searching the wiki. This includes category pages. It also preserves location — all search actions occur within the current page.
Optional; to disable, set $MarkupEnabled[‘search’] = 0;
Adds support for publishing selected pages from a dictionary-style index page. This variant uses the markup extension to show a teaser paragraph for each page.
Optional; to disable, set $MarkupEnabled[‘titledictindex’] = 0;
Handles the forms interface for specifying pdf layout metadata, using the Site Template pages. Used to track issues, including typesetting of issue lists.
Provides a simple wiki calendar, with the ability to typeset the currently-displayed set of calendar entries. Used for the Release Log. Also allows wiki forms to turn date fields of the form yyyy-mm-dd into a date, eg Tuesday, 13 September 2005.
Optional; to disable, set $MarkupEnabled[‘wikilog’] = 0;
The engine that typesets individual pages, trail pages and search result collections. It creates output in either xhtml or wikibook xml. It also sets print-oriented versions of PmWiki format variables such as $LinkPageExistsFmt.
Tells us which version of the wikipublisher library the site is running (wikipublisher-2.2.39 (Wednesday, 25 April 2012)).

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2.  Skins

The wikipublisher skins are all required.

This is based on the standard pmwiki skin, modified to support wikipublisher. It adds a backlinks action to the page name, adds a links on this page option, and ties the search box to a search action. Use this as the starting point for a wikipublisher-aware custom skin.
This is the skin that produces wikibook xml for a single wiki page.
This is the skin that produces wikibook xml for a wiki page collection.
This is the skin used to produce xhtml from the print view of a single page or page collections (pdf option is unchecked). It replaces the standard pmwiki print skin.

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3.  Dependencies

Wikipublisher includes a selection of pdf icons and expects to find these in pub/images.

The markup extension requires the markup.css file and expects to find this in pub/css.

The wikilog extension requires the wikilog.css file and also expects to find this in pub/css.

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