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The wikipublisher skin template uses a css-based text logo rather than an image to designate the site’s home page. If an administrator has a statement in the local/config.php file to point to an image logo while using the wikipublisher skin, a browser will display the address of the image, rather than the image itself. By default, wikipublisher sets:

 $PageLogoUrl = 
     <span class=‘wp’>Wiki</span><span class=‘wpub’>Publisher</span>;

In contrast, the default PmWiki skin sets

 $PageLogoUrl = $PubDirUrl/skins/pmwiki/pmwiki-32.gif;

Using PmWiki’s default value with the wikipublisher skin will not work correctly. It is the most common problem with new wikipublisher installations. To avoid this, start with the sample-wp-config.php file included in the wikipublisher distribution. This sets a suitable default value for the skin logo. An administrator can of course use a different skin, with either a text or graphic logo, if preferred.

Wikipublisher aims to place a pdf icon on a wiki page in a way that will work correctly with a range of skins. To display a pdf icon on every wiki page in PmWiki’s browse mode, wikipublisher adds the variable $PageTypesetFmt to PmWiki’s $HandleBrowseFmt variable, between $PageStartFmt and $PageRedirectFmt. An administrator can control the positioning of the pdf icon using css. The default placement is “float: right”.

An administrator may over-ride the default pdf icon placement as follows:

  1. enter the following code before the line in local/config.php that includes the Wikipublisher library

    $PageTypesetFmt = ‘ ’;

  2. place the following code at the point in a local skin where the pdf icon is to appear
  <p class=‘myclass’>
     <a href=‘$PageUrl?action=print&ptype=print&format=makepdf’>
     <img src=‘$PubDirUrl/images/pdficon.gif’ title=‘Typeset page’ /></a>
     <sup>(<a href=‘$PageUrl?action=texprint’>options</a>)</sup></p>

If an administrator disables the pdf icon by default, an author can create a typeset this page link by writing:

[[{$Name}?action=print&ptype=print&format=makepdf | Typeset]]


Alternatively, use the following typesetting directive:


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