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Those who wish to can support the Wikipublisher project in several ways.

  1. Tell the world about it — post information about your experiences to your favourite blogs and wikis
  2. Commission enhancements or new services — contact the project for more information
  3. Improve the documentation — contribute to the User Guide and Discussion Group
  4. Buy a licence — the software is the same, but you choose to pay for it; contact the project for more information
  5. Make a donation — help pay for server hosting, bug fixes, and answers to user questions
Pick a currency and Click the PayPal icon

There are many reasons you might choose to donate:

  • you’ll be supporting continued Wikipublisher development
  • you or your organisation benefit from Wikipublisher
  • you want to recognise and reward the developers
  • you like the idea of supporting open source projects
  • you can decide what the service is worth to you
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