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Wikipublisher: Testimonials

These are some of the things people are saying about Wikipublisher:

“This is amazing. You guys have quite possibly revolutionized the usage of a wiki and what it means to collaboratively create and maintain documents. Major, major kudos to you.” — Krista Stellar
“I’m impressed! I checked it out and it looked great.” — Renee Visco
“This is very cool.” — Ward Cunningham
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you did! I am sure it will soon explode in the community and I assure you within the academia (at least) there is a lot of interest on the subject.” — Arshia Cont
“I think this will be exactly what our users would want for some of their documentation and would help the holdouts that are finding it difficult to switch over to wiki’s “each topic to its own page” approach from MS Word’s “everything in one document” approach.” — Kurt Devlin
“May I say that I’m very impressed with PublishPDF, especially your instructions on getting the server-side up and running — that was easy. … It seems to have the edge on other variants with its intelligent mining of information (e.g. Wiki trail) and the high quality visualisation enhancing readability.” — Steve Crisp
“Wikipublisher looks great and provides nice PDF.” — Pierre Buyle
“This is a great package.” — W. Randolph Franklin
“Thanks for your great work, I was generating PDF from your site and the obtained document looks wonderful.” — Denis Chalon
“Wow, that was amazing. It even kept all the links in the pdf. Very good tool for those who need printed pages as a reference.” — Billy Y.
“Wikipublisher is really fantastic!!” — Chris Lott
“Thanks again for your help and wonderful software.” — Kyle Mathews
“I’m setting up a pilot of PmWiki/WikiPublisher for a collaborative writing project at Buffalo State College. The print output is a very attractive feature, and PmWiki’s great flexibility make it a likely winner. Good work.” — Kevin Hayes
“First of all, my compliments on Wikipublisher. This is an amazing project! From an outsider’s perspective, I can tell you that you’re working on potentially revolutionary stuff.” — Gerhard Zielinski
“This application is wonderful!” — Ari Epstein
“The PDF looks super! … the layout and everything looks really good. I think you guys have done a terrific job here!” — Christian Ridderström
“I am really impressed!!! This is exactly what we need. We are now using Wikipublisher at our math-department in Sweden.” — Samuel Bengmark
“Brilliant! … like a charm. Great stuff and now I can produce PDFs for distribution instead of the html.” — Robert Burns
“Wikipublisher has created an outstanding product.” — David Wright
“A big THANK YOU for a fantastic product!” — Gustav Andersson
“This Wikipublisher is an excellent tool! You did something really useful! Thank you for it.” — Miklos at Fodor HR

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