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Headings structure documents

Wikipublisher turns individual wiki pages or page collections into structured documents. It uses heading markup to structure output into a hierarchy of chapters (books only), sections, subsections, subsubsections and so on. This hierarchy defines the document’s table of contents and PDF bookmarks. A heading and its following paragraph are always on the same page.

The following examples illustrate.

A single page
Suppose Page A contains !! and !!!! markup, while Page B contains !!! and !!!!! markup. In both cases, Wikipublisher interprets these as sections and subsections respectively. The Section on new page print option makes each section start on a new page. There is no requirement for an “insert page break” instruction — Wikipublisher automatically does this in a consistent way, without the author having to think about it.
A page collection
Suppose an author has defined an Introduction (first level bullet) while Page A and Page B are sections (second level bullets). The Introduction is the chapter title, Page A and Page B become section titles. In this case, the two heading levels on those pages become subsections and subsubsections. Wikipublisher, unlike a word processor, automatically applies a consistent structure to the work of multiple collaborating authors, based on context.
3 heading levels
Wikipublisher recognises 3 levels of nested heading, using the first 3 levels found on a page. Any out-of-sequence headings — say a page starts with a heading 4 then follows this with a heading 2 — are treated as plain headings and do not form part of the hierarchy. Headings inside div markup and advanced table markup are also omitted from the document hierarchy.

Paragraphs indent

By default, the first line of a paragraph is indented with one em space. The first line is not indented after a heading, a list, or if it is the first paragraph of the document. You can choose to separate paragraphs with space instead of indent. You may do this site-wide, group-wide, for single page or on a single print run. If the author chooses to space paragraphs, the first line is never indented.

Wikipublisher recognises and honours vertical spaces within lists. However, it always inserts space above and below the list. For the first sentence after a list, it cannot determine whether this starts a new paragraph (indent) or continues the previous paragraph (no indent). Currently, it indents the first line after a definition list and does not indent the first line after an itemised or numbered list.

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