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From Web Page to Print Page with 2 Clicks

Dear Wikipublisher Visitors

The goal of the Wikipublisher Project is to automate creation of well laid out print documents from collections of Web pages. This frees authors to focus on the content.

Print on demand

The idea behind Wikipublisher is that while all digital content belongs on the Web, readers may wish to print articles of interest and read them off-line, or bind them as a book. A high quality reading experience requires careful attention to detail in preparing the printed material. On the other hand, authors want a productive writing and editing environment, that makes it easy to publish content on the Web and in print.

Why we created Wikipublisher

We are a consulting company in Wellington, New Zealand. In 2001, we concluded that Web-based collaborative authoring has many advantages over word processing. This led us to adopt wikis as a simple, low cost publishing mechanism. When we introduced wikis to our clients, they loved the immediacy and their ability to contribute if they wished. They also wanted to print the results, but printed Web pages are just not good enough.

We were long time users of Adobe FrameMaker and wanted printed output from the wiki to be as good as FrameMaker produces. This is a demanding requirement; Wikipublisher is the result of a research and development project we undertook to meet it.

A choice of document types

Using Wikipublisher, you can turn Web content into letters, articles, reports, books, and presentations. This goes beyond “convert wiki pages to PDF” — you can re-purpose the content into a new form, designed for printing.

You can publish everything you do online first, print later. Enjoy the power of LATEX in the world of wikis!

Yours sincerely

John Rankin

Affinity Limited · P O Box 3058 · Wellington · New Zealand

64 4 495 3737

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