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Wikipublisher: Wiki Styles

The PmWiki.Wiki Styles introduction states:

It does this by applying stylistic attributes to the HTML tags generated during markup translation, which the reader’s Web browser then interprets.

Wikipublisher aims to honour the author’s stylistic intentions, but is constrained by what the typesetting engine can do and the intrinsic differences between print and Web. A style that is appropriate for a Web page may not be appropriate for print. The engine detects all applied styles and converts those it understands to their print equivalents, ignoring those it doesn’t understand. The following table summarise the status of style support in wikipublisher-2.2.39 (Wednesday, 25 April 2012).

Wikipublisher style support

Supported now

center text
right-align text
text color
text background color
division color
division background color
division frames

Partially supported

block background color (treated as text background color)

Future support

text floats
list bullet/number styles

Not supported

figure frames (sidecaps makes this hard)
external CSS styles
table styles
any other attributes

If there is a style that you think Wikipublisher ought to support, either raise an issue or contact the wikipublisher project. If you have pages that make heavy use of styles, be sure to test the typeset versions for unexpected or undesirable behaviour.

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