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The default behaviour of the bibliographies plug-in is to generate a list of references for each wiki page in a book or report. Each page has a separate heading in the “References” section at the back of the document. References can be defined on a per-page basis, or defined once on a shared page, specified via the “page=Pagename” option of the (:bib:) directive. By default, only those references cited on a page will be included in that page’s list of references.

For example, many books contain references for each chapter.

Sometimes, we want to print a single consolidated list of all references instead — a bibliography. This recipe adds a (:bibliography page=Pagename:) directive that tells Wiki Publisher to print one consolidated list of all references listed on the Pagename. It also redefines the pdf version of the cite command.

Download bibliography.php Δ, place it in the cookbook/ directory and add the following line to local/config.php after loading the Cookbook:PublishPDF library:


To use this directive:

  • create a page with a (:bib:) … (:bibend:) block that lists all references
  • create a trail page as normal, but do not include the page with the list of references
  • create a Group.GroupPublishFooter page that includes (:bibliography page=Pagename:) where Pagename is the page with the bib block containing the list of references

And that’s it. When you typeset the trail, the list of references will print once at the end, and all citations will link to the specified references.

Contributor: John Rankin, Friday, 23 July 2010, updated Wednesday, 1 December 2010.

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