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This recipe addresses sites using the cookbook add-on PmWiki Draw to draw and edit images using the (:drawing imagename:) markup. Generating pages with Wikipublisher ignores all images written as editable drawings.

The problem is that (:drawing imagename:) produces HTML, so the PDF generator does not understand it.

The solution is to create a markup rule that is evaluated before the (:drawing:) directive to turn the reference to imagename into a “normal” PmWiki image reference, when we want a PDF.

PmWiki Draw images appear to go into the uploads directory, as .gif files, so we have to change (:drawing imagename:) into Attach:imagename.gif and let the Wikipublisher engine process it as a regular attached image.

To do this, add the following rule to local/config.php, after loading the wikipublisher extensions:

    if ($format=='pdf')
        Markup('pdfdrawing', '<drawing', 

This tells Wikipublisher to treat imagename like an attached image.

Contributors: John Rankin and Miklos?, Friday, 18 April 2008.

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Page last modified on 27 November 2008 at 10:12 PM