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By default, Wikipublisher typesets pages with revisions hidden. That is, inserted text ({+insertion+} markup) displays and deleted text ({-deletion-} markup) is omitted.

This page describes how to show revisions in the typeset page.

Add the following lines to local/config.php:

  $WPInsertFmt = '<tbook:visual markup="ul">$Text</tbook:visual>';
  $WPDeleteFmt = '<tbook:visual markup="st">$Text</tbook:visual>';

For example: This text is inserted.This text is deleted.

Wikipublisher also provides a highlighting option with {*highlight*} markup: This text is highlighted.

The underline and strikeout capabilities are fragile. It turns out that LATEX does not let us combine underline and strikeout markup with background colours; it dies. Coloured text is also not supported; the text is ignored. Finally, the capabilities do not work in headings — LATEX dies again. Instead, we have provided a code-around that recognises underline and strikeout in Wikibook headings and substitutes coloured markup instead. This is less than ideal, but better than nothing.

Heading text darklyclearly does not work in PDF

The revision marks recipe is enabled for this page — try it. It is also possible, though deprecated, to define a style for struck out text:

%define=strike text-decoration=line-through%

Hello, I am %strike%upset%% %strike%disheartened%% happy to meet you.

Hello, I am upset disheartened happy to meet you.

Contributor: John Rankin Thursday, 25 October 2007

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