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Wikipublisher will turn Categories markup into book index entries, using only existing wiki markup. Using categories to index a book shows how it could work, where nn is the page number.

Markup Index entry

[[!Kapiti Island]]

Kapiti Island, nn


Kapiti, nn

''[[!Codfish Island]]''

Codfish Island, nn

[[!Hobbes, Thomas]]

Hobbes, Thomas, nn

'''[[!Recovery of(Kakapo)]]'''

Recovery of, nn


Tui, nn

[[!Kereru |'''Kerer{u}''']]

Kererū, nn

[[!(Islands)Somes |!Matiu]]

Matiu, see Islands, Somes

[[!Figwit | !!McKenzie, Bret]]

McKenzie, Bret, see also Figwit

'''''[[!Mana Island]]'''''

'''''[[!Mana Island]]'''''

Mana Island, nn–mm

These will be enough for many, if not most, purposes. By default, PmWiki does not treat [[!Topic | link text]] as a category link. This will require a local customisation. To make an index work, Wikipublisher will need to:

  • invoke special category markup rules when turning a page collection into a book, to create the correct Wikibook XML for the index entries
  • invoke alternate category markup rules when typesetting a single page in an indexed book, to suppress the index-related Wikibook XML
  • provide a choice of ways to render book index markup in HTML, e.g.
    • suppress (through a display: none attribute) the a.categorylink class
    • re-interpret standard category markup to indicate index entry types
    • interpret [[!Topic | link text]] as a category link and [[!Topic | !Alt Topic]] as a “see link”

The “see link” markup means, “For Alt Topic, see Topic.” It would be more natural to write this as “[[!Alt Topic -> !Topic]]”.

To install and test the book index features, see Release Log 20100614.

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