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The wikiforms recipe included with the Wikipublisher library adds (:wikiform:) and (:wikilist:) markup directives. The wikiform directive builds a page creation form using a FormTemplate; the wikilist directive generates a list of pages meeting the fieldname=fieldvalue selection criterion set out in the directive, such as a list of active issues. An information seeker can compose a typeset version of the pages listed.

To sort the list, click on one of the columns (by default, the list is sorted by page name — a 5 digit number). Clicking the column again reverses the sort order. Once the list is in the desired order, press Typeset. To customise the report layout, press the PDF options button.

Wikipublisher can typeset any page collection. The library also includes the wiki calendar recipe, enabling an information seeker to compose a typeset version of the calendar entries on display. Again, this includes a PDF options button.

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Page last modified on 07 September 2005 at 08:27 PM