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All the search features are optional; some may not be available on a given wiki. If in doubt, consult your wiki administrator. On screen, the lists of links on this page are each presented as a “select and typeset” form; in print, they are presented as lists of links.

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  1.   1.  The “search” action
  2.   2.  Search for category pages

1.  The “search” action

After entering a request in the search box and pressing Go, the information-seeker sees a list of qualified pages, with a checkbox against each pagename and a Typeset button at the bottom. Check the box against each page of interest and press the button. Wikipublisher composes the chosen pages into a PDF. For example, searching for “trail”:

(:pagelist group=Wikipublisher 'trail' fmt=custom list=normal:)
About the project
Basic Features
Home Page
Publish a Trail
Publishing Directives
Typesetting Engine
User Guide

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2.  Search for category pages

For sites whose pages are tagged with categories, the category search results can be displayed with checkboxes and a Typeset button by adding fmt=custom to the pagelist directive. For example:

(:pagelist link=Category.Requirements fmt=custom list=normal:)

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