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Wikipublisher helped me become a one-woman publishing house! I just babble into my wiki, which is something I’m pretty used to doing, and it spits out this rad formatted document that looks like some poorly paid but highly qualified admin assistant labored over it for months! Unbelievable! — rev. criss ittermann,
Thanks to wikipublisher I document/configure/install a wiki for printing my or many customized thesis/es. I look forward to the moment, when I click on “Typeset Book” in the presentation next Feb — vittorio muth, Austrian Academy of Sciences Press
I know,
I know,there’s plenty for docs,
but Wikipublisher rocks
vittorio muth
I use Wikipublisher for writing my book. Not having to care about the typography is great, but I could do that with just LATEX. However, using Wikipublisher I get all the benefits of LATEX without having to set up and manage the complicated LATEX system, and I get to have my writing available on-line wherever and whenever I need it. — Gustav Andersson, LoST UK
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