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Page Subject Summary Status Category
00001 Abbreviations On the web and in print Published markup
00002 Bibliography List books, articles and other reference material Published markupstrom
00003 Copyfitting Get print output to look the way you want Published typography
00004 Duplex Switch between single- and double-sided printing Published metadata
00005 Table of contents How do I generate a table of contents Published navigation aid
00006 US letter Generate US letter size instead of A4 Published metadata
00007 Citation Cite references from a bibliography Published markup
00008 Citation Numeric references Published markup
00009 Notes Create footnotes and sidenotes Published typography
00010 Quotes How to typeset and attribute quotations. Published typography
00011 Article The base Wikipublisher document class Published document type
00012 Report Publish a page collection with the Wikipublisher Report class Published document type
00013 Images How Wikipublisher processes images Published typography
00014 Hidden Treasures Jewels from the secret world of Wikipublisher Published typography
00015 Book Publish a page collection with the Wikipublisher Book class Published document type
00016 Appendix Turn selected pages into appendices Published markup
00017 Metadata Options for adjusting the print layout Published metadata
00018 Tables How Wikipublisher processes tables Updated typography
00019 Letter Turn a wiki page into a letter Published document type
00020 Special characters Shortcuts to insert symbols and other special characters Published markup
00021 Notice text How to change the boilerplate text for notices Published document type
00022 Abstract Include a page summary Published markup
00023 Divisions How Wikipublisher processes div markup Published typography
00024 Horizontal rule Change the rule style Published markup
00025 Equations Typesetting mathematical equations Published markup
00026 Web-only text How to omit text from the print version Published markup
00027 Configuring links How to change the default wiki link format settings Published navigation aid
00028 Configuring links How to change the default URL link format settings Published navigation aid
00029 Margins Pages have a lot of white space Published typography
00030 Arcana Markup for special occasions: drop capitals Published markup
00031 Arcana For once in a very blue moon: the conditional skip Published markup
00032 Arcana List items with sub-paragraphs: item continuation lines Published markup
00033 Run-in heads Start a paragraph with a run-in heading Published markup
00034 Table column heads Treat the first row of a table as a heading row Published typography
00035 Architecture How Wikipublisher works Published system
00036 Wikibook XML How to produce Wikibook XML Published system
00037 Half-title page Why is the first page of a book just the title and date? Published typography
00038 Skin options Modify a PmWiki skin to support Wikipublisher Published navigation aid
00039 PDF icon How to control placement of the PDF icon Published system
00040 Inline definitions Define a word or phrase using a tool tip Published markup
00041 Citation Controlling the content of citation link text Published markup
00042 Authentication Using Wikipublisher with PmWiki:AuthUser Requested security
00043 Search Turn search results into a printed report Published navigation aid
00044 Search Turn search results into a printed article Published navigation aid
00045 LATEX source Getting access to the generated LATEX source files Published system
00046 Date formats What Wikipublisher knows about dates Published markup
00047 Cross-references Link to a labelled paragraph Updated navigation aid
00048 Rowspan How to make table cell text span 2 or more rows Published markup
00049 Cross-references Link to a labelled image, table or div Published navigation aid
00050 Templates How do I customise a metadata template Published metadata
00051 Templates How do I change the metadata settings for a group? Published metadata
00052 Templates How do I change the metadata settings for the entire site? Published metadata
00053 Url links How to change the display of web addresses Published metadata
00054 Two column images Image handling in two column documents Published typography
00055 Unnumbered chapters Redefining the unnumbered chapters in books Published metadata
00056 Column Span Using colspan in advanced tables Published markup
00057 Chapter Style Demo What do chapter styles look like? Requested  

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To the best of our knowledge, all the images in this group are public domain (many are from old books). The typeset form looks best with the “side captions” option selected from the PDF options, preset for this group in a local Search Template. The typeset form also includes a custom Preface.

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