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The following table lists the features required in the layout of the book style, Fortress, that have not (yet) been implemented.

Layout requirements (to do)
Xml<br /> to make Verse work … BUT need to specify: <p class=“no-indent”>(moderate) Juan: verse needs to be redefined. best to use verse tag instead of p (see Verse Demonstrator) HUGH: need to discuss this, as we need to handle for web & epub as well.

Does the paragraph after a list start with an indent? The short answer is usually no, and the Wikibook server automates this. The longer answer is, it depends. At the finest level of typographic excellence (or nit-picking pedantry), there is a semantic distinction between a list embedded in a paragraph and a list that ends a paragraph. In the first case, the line after the list does not indent, whereas in the second case it does. LATEX recognises and supports this distinction. However, the Wikibook DTD currently cannot distinguish these two cases — it does not allow a list inside a <p> tag.

The following table lists the features required in the layout of the book style, Fortress, that have been implemented.

Layout requirements (done)
dedicationitalic and normalsizedone; redefine \bookdedicationstyle
-Generaluppercase title in (probably) bold and big fontdone; John: use \Allcaps
-General:Openright, Chapter numbers continuous across Partsdone; no change required
Chapter (p.1,23)First paragraph does not indentdone;standard behaviour, no change needed
Chapter (p.23)Especial format in Numbered chapters. Title size is the same as subtitle in titlepage(moderate)done; John: Custom Chapter. a) Numbering is wrong (p. 23) b) can we do heading footnotes? [No]
Chapter* (p. 1)Format of title in introduction is the same as subtitle in cover page(easy) done;chapters without subtitles use a smaller font
Chapter* (p.1)Uppercase subtitle and italics in smaller font, same size as title in Cover(easy) done;
Contents page (p. v)Part titles centered and in bold(easy) done;
Contents page (p. v)Format of chapters number followed by text, and the page number aligned right(moderate) done;
Contents page (p. v)Contents just includes chapters(easy)done; already works
Contents page (p. v)Chapters include subtitle after colon(moderate) done; Head/subhead use China trick Custom \chapter* HUGH: will we need to pass you a Chapter Subtitle? (John: Yes)
Contents page (p. v)The whole content is vertically centered(easy) done;
Cover (p. 0)Uppercase title in (probably) bold and big font located at top, yet with certain distance from top margin. Using \Allcaps(easy) done;custom half-title remove \@logo
Dedicatory (p. iii)Italic aligned to top(easy) done; already works
Figure (p. I)colophon/logotype on the title page(easy)done; use the frontmatter graphics tag HUGH: we’ll need to add a publisher logotype upload
Headers (p. 2,3)Format of left page: “page / Title”, right page: “page | Chapter”(easy) done;
Headers (p. 1)Headers format “page / Chapter”, not on first chapter page(easy) done; already works this way
Legal notice (p. ii)Next page to the title page aligned to bottom. Space between paragraphs to be defined(easy?) done; may be an issue with placement of notice text
Page Numbering (p.1)Roman numbers at the bottom of first chapter page with small distance to text, in front matter(easy) done; should already work
Paragraph (p.32)Indent, Italic(easy) done;
Paragraph (p 32)D-heads indented, italic, run-in, with full stop(easy)done; see china style for an example
Part (p.21)Special format of part, aligned at top, with title size the same as in Title in Titlepage(easy)done; John: Custom part layout
Section (p. 30, 31)Sections are not numbered, centered using Title Case and small caps(easy) done;section style uses \spacedsmallcaps so needs manual Title Case (IMHO \Allsmallcaps is better) HUGH: I don’t think we have a mechanism to pass smallcaps at the moment. John: no need, it’s done in the sty file
Section (p. 29)Titles hyphenate. They are not forcedly broken (\\)(easy)done;
Sectioncentred headings, no numbering(easy) done; copy China approach, BUT italic small caps limit font choice
Subsection (p 30,31)Same as sections but Italic(easy)done; John: require font with italic sc support. Kepler’s \textscsl{…}
Subsubsection (p. 31)Same as subsection only aligned left(easy) done; John: No indent? (p.31)
Title page (p. I)Title in bold huge font, subtitle in same font as the cover, small image, and full author name. All these equally spaced vertically.(easy) done;
Body text (p. 7)Text blocks aligned on top with Smallcaps bold titles in bigger font, occupy textwidth, framed, with gray background, and normal font in contents(more than moderate) Juan: Margins within the float missing. John: Custom float style. HUGH: replicate the Harvard textbox style/approach … our Harvard textbox is nicer anyway
FootersAlways within same page, and numeration may continue across Parts.(easy) Juan: Waiting for confirmation from John. Continuation seems like a bug, check page 23. HUGH: let’s just use existing PB/WP footnote behaviour, and if they want something different they will tell us
Chapter (p.1,4,…)Footnotes may be better at the end of chapter instead of within the page it is referenced (endnotes)(easy) Juan: Same as before, waiting for confirmation from John. HUGH: OK but we don’t want to have to build anything new in Press Books … unless it is specifically requested by client
Chapter (p.1,23)Define how to add Sample Contributor Namemoderate Juan: Are we passing blank if no contributor? or just not calling \authorsection{}? HUGH: by this you mean: “add author name” ? in the case that there is no author name tag to pass you, this should just be blank.
Contents page (p. v)Space between Parts(easy) Juan: Additional space required for chapters outside. should work correctly as-is
Figure (p. x)Centered, unnumbered, with caption aligned left (maybe justified)(easy) Juan: Waiting confirmation from John. see China style HUGH: pls replicate Harvard treatment of figures/captions/floats
Itemize (p.36)Items are indented, and when multi-lined they start in same position as initial. No additional space on right side(easy) Juan: Haven’t confirmed thus far it is working.
Itemize (p.36)No space between items, yet space before and after, regular bullets(easy) Juan:Same as before. HUGH: note: we are inserting <p skip=“med”> by default before and after ul/ols (as well as figures, blockquotes)
Legal notice (p. ii)Title in uppercase and small, followed by subtitle in Title Case in the next line.(easy) Juan: Should I move the title/subtitle further down as in sample.pdf? Title Case is done by author
Title page (p. I)Additional space and at the bottom the editorial in smaller font.(easy) Juan: To confirm we are using Harvard style as a model for \publishercity
Body text (p. 5)Special quotes extracted from paragraph to appear within the paragraph aligned right with top and bottomrules in smaller size(easy?) Almost ready redefine mnote tag to use picins package and place at the outer margin HUGH: NOTE we’ll want these pullquotes to contain any arbitrary text … not necessarily text pulled from an existing para. (John: yes, mnote works this way)
Chapter (p.1)Create epigraphs (chapter aphorisms)(moderate) Juan: This seems to be working. John: Redefine \aphorbox and plain page style. Insert \aphorbox as part of chapter author? Or do as a regular quote HUGH: NOTE: I would prefer to pass you a regular quote, perhaps with a special class. Otherwise we have to build in PB modifications
ChaptersChapter epigraph (probably should be handled just with div/group styling in the text? how to?)(moderate?) Juan: Same as before. use aphorism tag, but placement below author may be problematic HUGH: is this the same ticket as the preceding? Yes.
Chapter (p.23)footnote on chapter subtitle.hard? Juan: I think we support it now. Have to test. [we can’t do this can we? I think I will just tell them: no]
Chapter* (p. 1)Chapter Title / Chapter Subtitle / Chapter Author Name(moderate) Juan: Still working around it. use variant on China for title / subtitle, new tag for author
Itemize (p.37)Indent after itemize(easy) Juan: Currently not indenting, Sample indents, final decision? John: bug, should be \noindent after list (p.37) HUGH: I’ve seen both … is there an universal typesetting rule here? See below.
Body text (p. 3)Quotations have special margins, smaller font, and additional spaces before and after(easy) this is an indented block (see also chapter aphorism below) HUGH: NOTE that Press Books inserts <p skip=“med”> by default before and after blockquotes/ul/ol/figures… if we are handling this differently by explicitly adding padding around blockquotes, we’ll need to adjust that behaviour on PB side — and make sure we handle properly on all outputs
-Generalwould like 6×9″ & 5.5×8.5″ optionsalready supported, but testing needed
Body text (all)Adjust margins, text width and marginpar width(easy) as before, testing needed with both page sizes (TP and HU)

These features require Wikibook Server version 1.2.0 or above. Using the fortress.sty Δ file depends on the following book metadata settings (explanations follow in brackets):

  • fontset kepler (required for slanted small caps)
  • pagesize TP (starting point for custom size)
  • fontsize 12pt (produces 10pt in TP size)
  • titlepage fancy (starting point for redefining halftitle and title pages)
  • cover centre (alignment of cover text)
  • coverstyle serif (font style for cover heading text)
  • chapterstyle Alison (serif numbered and centered)
  • ucsection Rotorua (major section headings are small caps centered)
  • headingstyle serif (font style for section heading text)
  • space french (regular space after full stop)
  • autonumber 0 (number chapters, redefine sections)
  • bookmarks autonumbered (omit sections in toc and bookmarks)
  • cfloatstyle shaded (style for custom floats)
  • preface off (print preface after the table of contents)
  • colophon off (omit colophon)
  • chapterbib notes (new option: print footnotes as chapter endnotes)
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