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Wikipublisher is a Typesetting Engine that re-purposes Web content for print, with 2 mouse-clicks. It provides a Web-based Book Production platform.

Turn Web pages into beautiful print
Wikipublisher is an extension to PmWiki. It supports collaborative creation of print documents which draw their content from wiki web pages. In fact any web page able to be recast as Wikibook XML can be composed into a print-friendly PDF document.
Make a print version of any page
Sites with Wikipublisher installed look and act like normal wiki sites, with a PDF icon on every page. Some pages, such as those showing trails, page lists or categories, may have a Typeset button; pressing this button composes the listed pages into a single document.
Choose the print style
Readers can customise the look of the printed output, such as add a watermark, choose A4 or US letter page size, and use serif or sans serif fonts. Authors can define a default look. If a page includes a bibliography, an author can specify numbered or author–year citations.

Try it: click the PDF icon. Experiment with the options (perhaps you prefer a sans-serif font). Press the Typeset trail button; read the Welcome Letter, User Guide, or Slideshow. Look at the example book.

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The site is running pmwiki-2.2.18 and wikipublisher-2.2.39 (Wednesday, 25 April 2012).

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“Wikipublisher is really fantastic!!” — Chris Lott
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